The Help is what you have been looking for to get your healthy life back on track. Inspired by the lack of motivation people have when trying to kick start a healthy life,

The Help aims to assist in supplying premium products which increase energy, enhance mood and assist in weight loss.

All edible products are Made in Australia.


I started my journey to a healthier life after I moved back to Australia after spending 3 years travelling and living abroad. Although my time abroad was incredible, my body had paid the price of an unhealthy lifestyle. I knew I had to get back on track and treat my body with the respect it deserved. I joined the gym and focused on eating healthy.

I am not a coffee drinker and struggled to find natural based supplements that could increase my energy whilst giving my metabolism the boost it needed to help me lose a few extra kilos. I was intimidated when trying to find products at supplement stores and couldn’t read half the ingredients on recommended products. The help I was looking for didn’t seem to exist!

I reached out to food scientists in Queensland who were able to bring my ideal product to life. Together we created The Booster by The Help. My aim with The Booster is to help young women on their health and fitness journey. It’s not about getting skinny fast, it’s about knowing what you are putting into your body, getting up, moving and creating a healthy, happier life... with that extra little "help"!