What is The Booster?
The Booster is a powdered premix which you mix 5g with water. It is made from a natural base of ingredients which increases your metabolism and contains vitamin B12, B6, C and magnesium all highly important for brain function and energy.

Who can use The Booster?
Anyone aged 16 and over can take The Booster. It is not recommended for children or pregnant women.
How often should I take The Booster?
Its is recommended that The Booster be taken every morning before breakfast and 30 minutes before any exercise.
How many servings in a pouch?
Each 250g much contain 50 serves. Each serving is 5g and a 5g scoop is included in each pouch.
Can I take The Booster whilst breastfeeding?
Yes, but we do recommend double checking with your local GP. We recommend taking The Booster 3 hours prior to feeding.
Can you have too much B12?
It is extremely hard to overdose on B12. The body converts B12 into a liquid a gets rid of any excess B12 it doesn't need. The Booster contains a healthy amount of B12 for the body to grab hold of what it needs/wants. 
How much is shipping?
Within Australia:
Regular $10 (4 - 5 days)
Express $15 (1 - 3 days)

All other countries:
Express $25 (2 - 5 days)

Do you accept refunds?
No refunds will be made on open product. If you have any issues with your shipment please contact info@the-help.com.au
Have another question?
For all other enquiries please contact info@the-help.com.au and one of our customer service team members will assist you.